Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd the national flag carrier of Bangladesh has started its journey from scratch virtually with no aircraft, no ancilliaries.

It came into operation immediately after the war of independence. Despite many odds on its journey towards a long and challenging way to progress, Biman has been able to establish its reputation as an airline of welcome smile and an ocean of hospitality.

Biman now carries the nation’s flag to South Asia, South-East Asia and Far-East, Gulf and Middle-East region and Europien. A steady progress has been made with better services ensuring increased passengers. To make Biman passengers feel “once Biman always Biman” the airline has recently brought in some qualitative changes in its service concept. Biman has been aiming in achieving the goal of being truly international commercially viable airline of the region with its warmth and friendliness, care, safety record, traditional hospitality and comfort of the services it offered.

Biman is now flying even higher with great pride around the globe with the bi-colour, the nation’s flag.

The General Sales Agents (GSA) in UAE are;

M/S AL-Rumaithy Travel & Tourism
P.O. Box-4356, Abu Dhabi
Tel: (+971 2) 6325124
Fax: (+971 2) 6344664

DANATA Airline Centre
P.O.Box-1515, Dubai
Tel: (+971 4) 2953636

M/S Trans World Air Services
P.O. Box-852 Sharjah
Tel: 725088, 723423

M/S Al-Ahli Travel & Tourist Agency
P.O. Box-789 Ajman
Fax: 455628

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