Rates for issuance/re-issuance of Machine Readable Passport

Machine Readable Passport (MRP)
Services Profession Ordinary Delivery
New Passport: Non-Labourers Dhs. 405 2 Month
New Passport: Labourers Dhs. 125 2 Month
Endorsement Non- Labourers Dhs. 303/Dhs. 162 72 Hours
Endorsement: Labourers Dhs. 081/Dhs. 041 72 Hours
Fees for Visa & Demand Letter Attestation
Employment visa attestation:  Dh. 74/-
Residence visa attestation: Dh. 15/-
Visit visa attestation: Dh.14/-
Demand letter attestation: Dh. 221/
  • Attestation/Certificate: Dhs.15 (Applicable for all), Dhs. 100(Other than Bangladesh National)
  • E. Travel Permit (Out Pass): Dhs.120 (Urgent), Dhs.60 (Ordinary)
  • F. Attestation/Issuance of Marriage certificate: Dhs. 35
  • Petition forwarding to the concerned authorities in Bangladesh: Dhs. 20